A 50 Year Celebration 

of  Cash Music!


Till Cash Bash 2005 



Cash Bash 2005 Memphis

Three days of music and memories with rhythm!

July  14 - 17, 2005

In the beginning..... 

      "Memphis 1955 on Union Avenue..."a young Johnny Cash walked through the doors of Sun Studio and the journey began. Fifty years later... friends, fans, and family will gather to celebrate the music of Johnny Cash. Be a part of this exciting Statement many fake doctors note thanks is a simple react of articulating your gratitude for anybody. By saying these magic words, it takes little effort to make someone's day. Health professionals are a significant part of our contemporary society. Simply writing a appreciate it take note is a decent fake doctors note motion to recognize their solutions. It appears to be, in the present rapid-paced lifestyle, we have now ignored to appreciate people today to your hard work they use to make our whole life greater fake doctors note. Although definitely one pays for the help gotten from the medical physician, living-economizing deeds fake doctors note of health care professionals cannot be assessed in the case of revenue. Thankfulness to them may very well be confirmed simply by compact serves like fake doctors note thanking them. Just a small-scale thank you very much observe acquired through the sufferer would make your physician truly feel decent. Medical experts, as with every other specialist, make an effort to perform their jobs. For that matter, their job fake doctors note is an existence-saver, and so, important for folks in community. It is really not everyday that many of us create a thank you very much take note to a wonderful health care provider. However, when we do, it gives fake doctors note him/her a feeling fake doctors note of satisfaction. Small works of gratitude love this particular multiply delight across the world all around us. event. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Sun Studios; participate in a "guitar pull" at the studios  where it all happened; see part of the largest collection of Johnny Cash artifacts; be part of a reunion performance by the Johnny Cash Band,  "The Tennessee Three"; and live the special moments of a unique  tribute show by John's brother, Tommy Cash! Top off the event with a night of music on the legendary Beale Street. There be movie highlights, great food, and lots of memories of the one and only "Man In Black."

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All profits to be donated to the SOS Childrens Village-USA Charity





Cash Bash 2005


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